Quality Framework

Ontario Health atHome is committed to always improving our services. Our organization’s Quality Framework (opens in a new tab) is used to drive patient care and service delivery.

Over 900 individuals representing staff, service providers, patient and family advisors and other partners were engaged in its development.

The framework is a blueprint, or map, for improving patient care, caregiver and staff experience. It helps guide us in the right direction when problem-solving, planning and creating an organizational culture of continuous quality improvement.

Our approach to ensuring quality patient care is represented by the circle visual. The center of the circle is a patient and a caregiver – because they are at the centre of everything we do. Around the patient and the caregiver are four important factors that define what quality is, and sets the approach for holding ourselves accountable.  

The outer circle has our Vision of “Exceptional Care Wherever you Call Home” and includes six dimensions of high-quality health care.

Watch the video below to learn more about our framework.

Read a summary of the Quality Framework. (opens in a new tab)