School Support Services

Access to education for students with complex health problems and disabilities 

Many students with complex health problems and disabilities would not be able to attend school without the necessary support we can offer, which enables success. A large number of students we serve have developmental delays or other challenges that do not affect their ability to attend school, but may affect their ability to fully benefit from educational routines and thrive as best they can.   

Services are available in school for students who require medical and/or rehabilitative assistance to enable them to attend school, participate in school routines and receive instruction. The program serves students in public schools and private schools, as well as students receiving home instruction.  

These supports are provided on a priority-needs basis and children with complex needs requiring assistance in order to safely attend school are the top priority.  

What services are included in the program?  

Through the School Health Support Services program, your care coordinator arranges in-school access to a wide range of professional health care services, including:   

  • Nursing  
  • Occupational therapy   
  • Physiotherapy   
  • Speech and language therapy  
  • Diet and nutrition counseling  
  • Information and referral services  
  • Coordination of services  

In addition to delivering care in schools, visiting health care professionals will also provide health-related education, teaching and consultation services to school staff and parents in the school setting.  

Is my child eligible?  

Any child or youth is eligible to receive care through the School Health Support Services program if the student:   

  • Has a valid Ontario Health Insurance Plan card  
  • Is a registered as a student at a school as defined under the Education Act  
  • Has assessed needs for nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech language pathology or dietetic services and requires those services to be able to attend school, receive instruction and participate in school routines  
  • Would experience a significant disruption in school attendance, instruction or participation without the support of this program 

Students attending private schools or receiving home instruction may also be provided with personal support services. In the public school system, these services are funded directly through school boards.  

Please note: Home and Community Care Support Services does not provide school support services in Champlain. For information about school support services in the Champlain area, please visit