Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values provide a foundation for who we are and what we do as united organizations. Functioning as one requires building a shared understanding of why we exist, what we hope to accomplish and how we will engage with each other, our partners, and patients, families and caregivers. We have created a Mission, Vision and Values that articulates our purpose, the value we bring to the health care system.

We engaged with patients, families, caregivers, staff, leaders, service provider organizations and other key stakeholders on the path to creating a unifying Mission, Vision and Values. Early staff and leadership engagement informed draft mission and vision statements.

With a strengthened focus on patient- and family-centred care, our mission of “helping everyone to be healthier at home through connected, accessible, patient-centred care” grounds us and keeps us focused on our “why” – helping patients, their families and caregivers. As our Mission and Vision paint the picture of why we exist and where we are going, our Values help articulate what we believe is important and how people in our organizations are expected to behave with each other, with partners, with stakeholders and with patients and families. They provide a compass for our organizations that guides decision making and establishes a standard to which we can all hold ourselves.

Our commitment to connected, accessible care speaks to the need for collaboration, both within our organizations and with our broader communities. This collaboration is supported by respectful interactions grounded in kindness and compassion and a commitment to act with integrity in all that we do. This lays the foundation for an endless pursuit of excellence, contributing to positive outcomes and a seamless, exceptional patient experience.  Embracing these values every day, and in each interaction, supports our staff and our patients, families and caregivers to realize our vision of “exceptional care, wherever you call home.”